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Jenny D
Surely an excellent service, I received my labels within 3 working days after I have paid and ordered. I will definitely recommend your services and quality of product to anyone.
Michelle W
WOW!!! I have just received my daughter’s school labels. I am very impressed!!! Such outstanding service!!!
Rene W
Easy to order and quick delivery (turn around) - really impressed!!
Diana M
Quick and professional service. Absolutely impressed for a first time customer. Will definitely be back :)
Victoria B
They arrived quickly and are easy to use and apply. Saved me SO much time.
Yolanda N
How easy it was to order and the fantastic delivery. Was extremely fast. Thank you.

What we do & offer

MyTOWERLabels is a pack of labels that identify your school items and protects your valuables.

236 Labels & 2 bag tags
R280 including VAT
Free door-to-door courier service
Delivery within a week (SA only)
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What You Get

Your label pack includes a range of suitable self-adhesive labels and tags.
2 Bag Tags
(W)85mm x (H)55mm
2 per pack

A durable plastic tag, to identify your bag.

8 Shoe Labels
(W)40mm x (H)40mm
8 per pack

Ensure that the application area inside the shoe is clean and dry. Apply the clear label shield to your shoe label before the shoe label is removed from its backing.

Then peel and apply the two labels combined into the shoe.

Shoe Shields: These are clear round labels in your pack that are designed to protect your shoe labels.

44 Mini Labels
(W)19mm x (H)13mm
44 per pack

Apply to a clean and dry surface for best results. Suitable for your stationery, sporting and associated school items.

These labels dishwasher and washing machine safe.

30 Book Labels
(W)84mm x (H)50mm
30 per pack

Apply to a clean dry surface for best results, allowing a few minutes for a permanent bond to form.

60 Wrap-around Labels
(W)32mm x (H)50mm
60 per pack

Apply to white printed section to your pencil, etc. with your name running down the item.

Keep label as straight as possible so that the clear section covers the white printed section.

50 Iron-on Labels
(W)50mm x (H)12mm
50 per pack

These labels are supplied as a strip and can be cut off as needed.

  1. Set your iron to dry mode and the temperature to between 140-170 degrees C. If your iron has a cotton mode this should result in the same temperature.
  2. Please use the supplied blank labels on a waste piece of material to test that the iron settings are correct.
  3. Using a firm flat surface, position your iron-on label on the garment you wish to label and place a thin pressing cloth over the label.
  4. Using your iron, apply light pressure to the label area for +- 30 seconds. Ensure the iron is kept stationery.
  5. Allow the label to cool and repeat 2 more times.
44 Stationery Labels
(W)50mm x (H)13mm
44 per pack

Apply to a clean and dry surface for best results. Suitable for your stationery, sporting and associated school items.

These labels are dishwasher and washing machine safe.

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