About Us

MyTowerLabels forms part of the TOWER brand, Southern Africa’s largest office stationery label supplier that’s been around for 50 years. MyTowerLabels is a pack of personalised labels that identify all your school stationery and clothing items. With our unique production line we ensure the best quality with quick delivery time. Our labels are tried and tested and are dishwasher and washing machine friendly (except book labels).

For all your home and business labelling needs visit www.towerproduct.co.za or call us toll free on 0800 220 488 for more information and see how we can make your life easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my unique code work more than once?

Unique voucher codes purchased in store will be used to place only one order. Discount codes can be used for more than one order.

How will my order reach me and do I have to pay for delivery?

Your labels will be sent directly to your door via courier service. There are no additional charges for courier service with in SA.

How long does it take for delivery?

Our standard turn over time is 3-4 working days from the time order is processed.

How many labels are in a pack and what type of material is used?
Your Label Pack Size Units Material
Book Labels 50mm x 84mm 30 Paper
Stationery Labels 13mm X 50mm 44 Plastic
Wrap around Labels 50mm X 32mm 60 Plastic
Mini Labels 13mm X 19mm 44 Plastic
Clothing (iron on) Labels 10mm X 50mm 50 Iron-on
Shoe Labels 40mm dia 8 Plastic
Shoe Label Shields 40mm dia 8 Plastic
Bag Tags 85mm x 55mm 2 Plastic
Total : 236 labels and 2 Bag Tags


How do I apply the labels?

With each order you will receive an instruction leaflet explaining how to use our products.

Will the print on my labels rub off?

Tower labels are of high quality and have been tested extensively. Please ensure the clear plastic shoe label shields are used to protect the print as per the application instructions you will receive with your labels.

Are the labels waterproof?

Except for our book labels, our stationery labels are waterproof and dishwasher and washing machine safe.

Who should I call if I experience a problem or have a query regarding this product?

Tower consumer helpline 0800 220 488 or Online support mytowerlabels@pyrotec.co.za